Hello, my name is Brownie Brown. I’m the Founder/Creative Director of High Fashion Thrift and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. I believe personal style is best developed by wearing what feels good to you. Style is a feeling so if you feel good in it, WEAR IT! I fell in love with fashion around the age of eleven when I began creating and altering my own clothing.  In 2013 I launched my production and styling company, Ify by Bobi, where I organized shoots and shows in Virginia, DC, New York, and Florida.  My most recent projects have involved partnering with Goodwill Industries International and to redefine the way people think about thrift clothing.

Working with Ify by Bobi taught me a lot about the fashion industry and helped me perfect my crafts, but I began to feel like I needed to do more.  I became plant-based about 5 years ago and through this experience my eyes were opened to another world. Being respectful of our environment, amongst other things, is something that became very important to me.  After years of witnessing the growing fast fashion industry and increasing toxicity of garment waste creating world-wide environmental and health concerns, I decided that I had to do something about it. High Fashion Thrift was born. Our main mission is to educate consumers and encourage shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, and with designers/brands that are environmentally friendly. I want to encourage people to be more aware of their “fashion footprint” and bring more understanding about issues within the fashion industry.  This is a space for you to develop a healthier relationship with your clothing and take action towards making healthier retail choices to improve your quality of life.  Welcome.







Brenda serves as Chief Operating Officer at High Fashion Thrift. Brenda delved into the realm of art and personal fashion during her years at the University of Virginia. She is an experienced administrator and a lover of all things artistic and expressive. She has a keen eye for anticipating needs and maintains composure under pressure.  She is an experienced event coordinator and her passion for personal freedom and individuality shines through the way she creates. When she is not working with HFT, she is busy handcrafting organic soaps and butters for (@brenda_madeit), her personal care brand.