The True Cost: What are we really paying for fashion?

The positive effects the perfect piece of clothing can have on your life are limitless. They boost your confidence, create new relationships, and can help portray your professionalism and/or authority. Add a super low price point and it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot. But these aren’t the only things that come from a great pair of $20 jeans.

The documentary “The True Cost”, pulls back the curtain on what it really cost to give the consumers all these products at such cheap prices. Directed and produced by Andrew Morgan and Michael Ross, this heart wrenching, mind opening, thought provoking film captures the dark truths of a growing fast fashion industry whose need to create constant profit has contributed greatly to inhumane living conditions and wages, continuous destruction to the earth and an outdated economic system that no longer benefits majority of it’s contributors. It’s viewers take a trip to some of the biggest garment producing countries and are shown the harsh reality of inequality and disregard for human value. Throughout the documentary, we as consumers are charged with the task of being responsible and accountable in how and where we consume.

Fast forward to after you’ve watched this great film; If you’re the conscious, loving, caring, human being I believe you to be but, like myself, don’t have any real power in the fashion industry, you’re probably asking yourself “How can I make a noticeable difference?” One way would be to involve yourself with thrift and consignment business. Thrift shops create multiple lives for many articles of clothing. They help to reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills by recycling and reselling clothes. They are also  great way to discover unique pieces and styles from different times. Not to mention many thrift stores partner with various charities so your purchase isn’t just helping the environment but also people in need.

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Written by: Amanda Capers

Instagram: @trillpanda_


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